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Dolphin & whale watching tour + a swim stop along the coast aboard the “Spirit of the Sea” – 2 hour boat trip

Dolphin & whale watching tour + a swim stop along the coast aboard the “Spirit of the Sea” – 2 hour boat trip

Discover the rich biodiversity of Gran Canaria thanks to this 2-hour dolphin and whale watching tour while navigating on the waters of the island of Gran Canaria. Scientists have identified 79 species of cetaceans worldwide and until now 29 of them have been seen in the waters that surround the island. This means 34% of the world’s diversity of cetaceans lives in our waters, making Gran Canaria an almost unique spot for watching dolphins, whales and other types of fish.

During the boat trip aboard the Spirit of the Sea, you will be able to behold a wide range of sea mammals: small Atlantic spotted dolphins, 30-meter-long whales, short-finned pilot whales or the almost unknown beaked whales along with other inhabitants of the sea such as flying fish and turtles.



Spirit of the Sea

Puerto Base
35130. Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
Islas Canarias, España

Tel./Phone +34 928 562 229

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