Dolphin and whale-watching in Gran Canaria

Come and live a unique and amazing experience. Being in contact with marine wildlife is possible thanks to the many cetaceans that live in the waters of Gran Canaria. You will be able to see spectacular species such as the bottlenose dolphin, the striped dolphin, the Atlantic spotted dolphin, the short-finned pilot whale, the common rorqual or the cachalot, and many others, all of this while remaining in coastal waters.

Cetaceans have been around Gran Canaria from time immemorial; there is mention of them being here 2000 years ago, when the island’s fabulous marine diversity was already talked about. The geomorphological and oceanographic features of Gran Canaria are well-suited for a great number of dolphins and whales, and thanks to the warm and cold waters, there are many species around the island. Of the 79 species of cetaceans known worldwide, a total of 29 has been seen in Gran Canaria, which represent 34% of the world’s diversity. This fact has turned Gran Canaria into an impressive and unique biodiversity hot spot like no other.

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