Gran Canaria and sailing

The wind conditions and the mild climate of the island have made sailing one of the most extended hobbies both for locals and visitors. The main spots to go sailing on the island are the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, mainly in the bay of Alcaravaneras and Las Canteras, and on the south coast, in Maspalomas and Mogán. Gran Canaria has a privileged position in sailing competitions on an international scale, as the Spanish national Olympic team is composed of sailors from the island.

Lateen sailing even deserves a special paragraph all to itself; this local sport follows a great tradition on Gran Canaria and shows the strong link between the islanders and the ocean. This particular type of navigation consists in small boats characterised by their triangular-shaped sails which are disproportionally bigger than the boats themselves. It is a real show for which crowds gather and it takes place on the coastline of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria between the months of April and October, in order to take advantage of the influence of the trade winds.

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