Recreational fishing with Fish On Blue Marlin

Recreational fishing with Fish On Blue Marlin

You can practise this type of fishing all year long. Thanks to the wonderful weather conditions on the island, you can spend a great day with your family and friends and enjoy our 20-degree summer.

  • Half day – 3 hours: we will go bottom-fishing in the shallow waters using live and dead bait. Our fishing spots are always about 20 minutes away from the port. Our targets are Bonito, Barracuda, Bluefish, Bream, Snapper and many others.
  • Full day – 6 hours (from November to April): the activities are the same as the 3-hour half day, but if the weather conditions are suitable, we will also go to the reef (about 100 m deep) and we’ll target other species such as amberjacks, moray eels, combers, and some others.
  • Full day – 6 hours (from May to October): we will troll for the Big Fish such as Blue and White Marlin, Spearfish; Bluefin, Yellowfin, Big Eye and Albacore tuna; Dorado, wahoo and skipjack tuna.
  • Longer private custom charters: we can accommodate clients’ requests, but we offer the same activities as our other trips. We can also combine bottom fishing and trawling depending on the catches.



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