Rocking the waves: surfing and windsurfing in Gran Canaria

There are some spots where waves are incredible on Gran Canaria and they make the island the perfect destination for wave sports, especially windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding and paddle boarding. Along the coastline, there are up to 23 spots to go surfing and bodyboarding away from the crowds, some places are even in unspoilt nature. First-timers also have the possibility to go to one of the island’s prestigious surf schools to enjoy the activity in a safe environment.

Windsurfers will find spots of international prestige on Gran Canaria to indulge in their favourite activity, a discipline for which Gran Canaria is considered to be the second mecca worldwide, just after Hawaii. There are more than 21 spots to practice windsurfing, some of the most important ones are the beaches of Pozo Izquierdo and Playa de Vargas, which are the locations for two of the trials in the World PWA Windsurfing Championships, where the greatest windsurfers in the world come to compete, making Gran Canaria a truly international reference.

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